Chevrolet Impala Fuel Efficiency

Chevrolet Impala Fuel Efficiency

Chevrolet Impala Fuel Efficiency

Chevrolet Impala a full-sized vehicle manufactured by Chevrolet. It basically derives its name from South African Antelope. It has also been the most expensive model of Chevrolet division and gained huge momentum in the US. It was too famous for the triple taillights which were the main catching point. Now, Caprice was introduced in 1965 as the Impala Sport Sedan positioned itself well above Impala. However, the Impala continued to remain popular and get more attention during the eighties.

From 1958-1996, the sales of Impala have crossed 13 million making it the highest preferred car in the history of full sized vehicles. The year 1964, saw nearly 1074925 Impala sales in US alone. The proceeding year 1965 again saw sale of 1,046,500 vehicles. According to Reuters, Impala has been regarded as one of the Top 20 best preferred vehicles.

It was again introduced in 1994 as Impala SS ideally structured out of Caprice Sedan model. It had a 5.7 liter small block V8. But, the present Impala model is structured on a front-wheel followed by a mid-size platform. The 2010 Chevrolet had a 3.5 lt, four speed, and two wheel drive and could cover at least 18 Mpg across the city and 29 mpg on highway. There are six cylinders along with an automatic transmission and is also considered as a Flexible fuel vehicle.

The previous inclusion of eight cylinders no more exists. There were three new exterior choices which were, Cyber Gray Metallic, Aqua Blue Metallic and Summit White. The newer versions did not have AM/FM stereo as well as six disc CD changer followed by the trunk cargo. There were lower GM badges available on the front.

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