Erectile dysfunction Causes and Symptoms and Tips to Cure Male Impotence

Erectile dysfunction Causes and Symptoms and Tips to Cure Male Impotence

causes of erectile dysfunction and the symptoms and cure impotence tips for men
Erectile dysfunction is a problem

painful for the man and his wife to wear, how sex is a natural part of life. This problem can take its toll on the confidence of a man and a startled willing partner is to take a sexual interest in his companions. What is important to note that erectile dysfunction is not necessarily a serious condition. Occasional problems maintaining an erection is common and many cases of erectile dysfunction in sex therapy include problems in the relationship, which can be solved by talking about feelings.

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risks and factors

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by psychological or physical factors. Psychological factors are responsible for about 10% of the time. This is usually due to anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue and dissatisfaction in the relationship with your partner.
Physical causes include a condition that is prevented from responding to the nervous system or vascular system appropriately excited. These include injuries to the spinal cord or nerve damage in the genital area from diabetes, multiple sclerosis or surgery. Vascular problems can be caused by medications, diabetes, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Hormonal problems, kidney, liver, excessive alcohol consumption and infection can also cause ED.

You must also against the diseases affecting the blood vessels, including diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels to fight. A good sex life depends on healthy blood vessels. Note that erections occur when blood is drawn into the penis. If the blood vessels are in poor health, the opportunity to have erectile problems are higher. Prevention of erectile dysfunction, also depends on the health of the thyroid gland, which directly influences the production of hormones in the body. If you have any problems with the thyroid gland, your testosterone is low, resulting in difficulties in achieving an erection.

prevent Erectile dysfunction is also the recording and processing of sex easy and fun. Communicate with your partner about things you sexually harass that you are concerned. Because sexual intimacy is a form of communication, you can use some methods to prevent erectile dysfunction by reducing stress and anxiety in the relationship you are in.

For more tips on preventing erectile dysfunction practice that the risk of developing an erection problem can be reduced are:.

1 Stop smoking. Smoking reduces your testosterone production and is also responsible for lowering your sperm count.

2 Avoid too much alcohol. Drinking too much cause that blood vessels may be in poor health. Moreover, it confuses the mind, so that the brain has a hard time to send signals to the penis, causing erection problems. Other than that, drinking water leads to weight gain and even obesity, which is another cause of erectile dysfunction.

3 Exercise regularly. Other than to maintain a great physical health, exercise, good circulation is important in the prevention of erectile dysfunction.

The best way to prevent erectile dysfunction is to make healthy decisions and any existing health problems you have to manage. Here are some things you can do:

1 Working with your doctor to manage, diabetes, heart disease or other chronic diseases

2 Ask your doctor for a regular checking … and medical checkups.

3 Stop smoking, limit or avoid alcohol and drugs.

4 Exercise regularly.

5 Take steps to reduce stress.

6 Help for anxiety or depression.

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