Mi40X Bodybuilding Program Reviews

Mi40X Bodybuilding Program Reviews

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If a professional bodybuilder with the physique of a Greek god walked up to you and offered a golden secret that would forever change the way you workout, what would you do? If you’re serious about building muscle, burning fat and sculpting a body that you are proud to show off, you would naturally listen and beg for more information. That opportunity doesn’t come along for most people, but it is available to you through the Mi40X exercise and nutrition program.

This program was developed by a professional bodybuilder named Ben Pakulski. He is a personal trainer and author with the iron-hard physique that most men fantasize about developing. He has also worked with many professional athletes with equally impressive bodies. Even with all of those accomplishments, the development of Mi40X is one of his biggest achievements. He started out with the original Mi40 program, but Mi40X takes that to the extreme.

Pounds of Fat Burned & Earned

You want to look like a Greek god. More specifically, you want to look like Ben Pakulski. You must build lean muscle mass to accomplish that goal, but you also need to burn fat. You can gain strength through working out, but you won’t gain that toned, sculpted look that puts your muscle on display until you burn away the fat covering those muscles.

While there are many bodybuilding programs that claim to help you build muscle mass, Ben’s Mi40X program claims to help you gain pounds of fat every week while burning off pounds of unwanted fat. If that sounds like what you are trying to accomplish, you may find the workout strategies, nutritional guidelines and industry secrets in this program worth the investment.

The Four-Minute Difference

The core of the Mi40X program is the unique concept of cell expansion training. Bodybuilding routines naturally exhaust and damage your muscle fibers. That is what forces them to go into the recovery phase and start repairing the damage by creating stronger, larger muscles.

Cell expansion training introduces you to a four-minute secret that will help your muscles grow larger while entering that recovery phase much faster. It just takes four minutes for each exercise performed, but Ben believes it makes a tremendous difference in the results you experience.

This is just one of the concepts introduced in the Mi40X program. To understand how that is implemented in Ben’s workouts to build pounds of hardcore muscle every single week, you need to read through the training materials included in the program.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Building Muscle

If there is one thing you can say for Ben, it is that his training programs are thorough. In addition to gaining instant access to all exercise videos presented in the original Mi40 program, this extreme program gives you the following guides ready for instant download:

  • Rapid Start Action Plan (5 minutes long)
  • Practical Application Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Supplement Guide
  • FAQ Guide
  • 7 Day Primer Phase
  • 7 Day Detox Diet
  • Exercise Execution Guide
  • Training Blueprint

This information goes beyond the training delivered in the original Mi40 program, so it is a better option if you are serious about learning everything possible from Ben’s experience and bodybuilding research. If you just want some added definition, there are many other programs on the market for you. This program is best suited to those interested in experiencing a muscle explosion in as little times as possible.

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