Written by Denise LongSunday, 15 March

Written by Denise LongSunday, 15 March

Written by Denise Long
Sunday, 15 March 2009

L''Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation

I used to be able to dust my face with foundation and call it a day - those days are gone. Not only do I have blotchy skin, but powder just exposes how large my pores are and how deep those fine lines and wrinkles have become. Now, I use L''Oreal True Match liquid foundation over concealer and avoid powder all together.

Of course I do the basic cleanser routine, which consists of wash, tone and moisturize. I exfoliate to stop ingrown hairs, which is the reason my skin is now blotchy. The ingrown hairs that is, not the exfoliation.
Moisturizing is done via serum and moisturizer with at least a SPF 15 sunblock. Then I apply makeup.

As soon as I get home, the make up comes off, I clean my face again, tone and moisturize. I use a moisturizer with SPF 15 overnight because the sun comes in the bedroom pretty strongly in the morning. Although it''s probably been wiped off my face by nighttime tossing and turning - I feel better doing it.

L''Oreal True Match is light, oil free and covers my spots without making it look as though I clumped on make-up. I then lightly dot my lipstick along my cheek bone, again, keeping away from using powder. And then I blend it in. I never have to worry about matching my lipstick and blush.

Since I break out if I wear make-up constantly, I try never to wear it, if I can avoid it. Which means, unless I''m going to work or to a party, I simply don''t put it on.

Having a foundation that actually covers my blemishes and lasts most of the day, without accentuating my wrinkles and having to constantly reapply it, is a must. L''Oreal True Match liquid foundation does exactly what it promises.


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