Male Enhancement Pill Reviews

Male Enhancement Pill Reviews

A consumer looking for the right product of male enhancement pills claiming to cure ed on the market were tested through 2004-2011. Various products of erectile dysfunction pills were ingested by a test subject using prescription medications treating hypertension(high blood pressure), nerve pain inhibitors and muscle relaxers. Results for male enhancement pills have been reviewed below. Read Real Reviews by Men On Street Overlord, Viagra and Rock Hard Weekender!

In 2011 natural solutions with no painful side effects is now available! Targeting men''s health should start within the body at cellular levels. Subsiding symptoms of ed begins with a toxic flush of the kidneys, boosting blood circulation, and stimulating the libido.

Male Enhancement Pill Reviews Below:

Stiff Nights Pill Review: Product before being taken off the market, worked well to stimulate a hard penis. Intense side effects of head ache pain*. Reformulated product does not work at all. Current Rating D+

Viagra Pill Review: Product works well to induce a stiff sexual member. The are side effects of blue, yellow, fuzzy tint to the vision making it dangerous to drivers. Current Rating B

Stiff Four Pill Review: Requires to 2 pills to work at poor levels of stiff hard on. Not safe for use with alcohol or full stomach. Side effect of Strong head pain* . Current Rating F

Aziffa Pill Review: Worked well, did cause intense head pain*. Product removed from the market by FDA.

VigRx Plus Pill Review: Product label says use twice daily for 90 days before any results occur. Current Rating: C

Extenze Pill Review: Product did not work at all. Current Rating: F

Cialas Pill Review: Works well. Need a prescription. Current Rating: B+

Xzen 1200 Pill Review: This product cannot be taken with food in the system. The side effects of head pain* make it a low quality choice as a solution to erectile dysfunction. Current Rating C

Tafidile Tablets Pill Review: Produced constriction in the chest with a combination of head pain*. Current Rating: D

Rock Hard Weekender Pill Review: Did enhance the sexual member to a low performance level. A pill hang over the next day with slight headache*. The pill has a warning label that states if you have high blood pressure or take any medications with nitrates to consult a physician. Current Rating: B

Street Overlord Pill Review: The product did work immediately. Within two hours a severe headache* was felt and lasted up to twelve hours. Product web site states drinking a full glass of water will cause all physical effects to void. Current Rating: D+

There is a better alternative. The X Rock and Power Surge products retailed within this site is a all natural male enhancement product that works. No painful side effects! Current Rating A+

We encourage you to try it and do your own research.

*Expanding on the subject of headache''s associated with these products. This pain is pin pointed to the frontal right lobe.

Below are some of David''s Customer Testimonials.

Spreading Smiles World Wide

Dear David

I appreciate your Boost gift along with the purchase. With your pills at least I can feel my dick; that has not happened for years. 7 years ago I lost 58% of my lung capacity; so we take O2 24/7 @L4 and a couple of blood thinners for cholesterol to keep the veins clear to prevent heart attack. I must also thank you for the extra feeling. Your formula had done far more than 7 others I have tried. As I said, thank you very much. You have been an honest Seller and after almost 20 years on eBay it is still hard to find.

Rick Shafer

Dear David

Due to steroid use I haven''t been able to perform to my liking. I found this site and figured I''d give it a try, I honestly didn''t think it would work but, for less than 10 bucks, I thought what did I have to lose...WOW...just placed another order..thank you

Anonymous NJ

Dear David''s

I ''ve used expensive prescription medication to treat erectile dysfuction for years. I''ve been ripped off from foriegn companies from Canada, Asia, and India advertising generic Viagra and Cialas. Using the prescriptions for ed caused headaches and vomiting but, I could perform. Surfing the internet I came across David''s. One last attempt was worth it. It worked! As a return customer I get special sales and shipping is free.

Thank you

Poconos Pennsylvania