Psyllium husk colon cleanse

Psyllium husk colon cleanse

A is one of the simplest yet most effective cleanses you can do. Many homemade cleanses have their basis in psyllium husk. Most often it’s mixed with bentonite clay for some serious pulling power.

When I say pulling power I’m talking about how psyllium husk is known to pull over 10 times it’s weight in toxins from your colon. Being a water soluble fiber it expands and creates a gooey substance which bulks up your stool and softens it. This is why it is excellent at lessening constipation.

Yet psyllium husk is not a laxative. It doesn’t liquefy the stool like Ex Lax. It allows nutrients to be fully absorbed while removing toxins smoothly out of the bowel. No needless running to the bathroom. Learn more about diabetes nutrition here.

The beauty of a psyllium husk colon cleanse is it is inexpensive and non-invasive. I have done several of these and full colonic/enemas. It was necessary for me to do the full cleanse. Yet this invasive cleanse is a challenge for some people. They resist it.

Or don’t have the board needed for the enema. But with psyllium husk and bentonite clay you have a great combination for cleansing the colon sufficiently.

Some people experience bloating during this cleanse. This is natural yet shouldn’t last for in irregular amount of time. It is a safe and natural way to keep the colon cleansed and healthy. Typically psyllium husk can be ingested in tablets or wafers.

Yet I use a product called nutracleanse which has other healthy herbs in it as well as psyllium husk. I use it daily even when I’m not cleaning. It aids in eliminating waste and I feel much better, too. I find it to be a great product and very inexpensive.

A psyllium husk colon cleanse is an effective, natural and inexpensive way to to keep your bowel healthy and free of toxins.

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