The Prevalence of Sexual Diseases

The Prevalence of Sexual Diseases

In comparison to men, women are found to be more vulnerable both biologically as well as psychologically to contract a sexual diseases. This may be attributed to the prevalent nature of sexual practices, cultural aspects as well as social norms, all of which combine to result in an increasing trend of sexual diseases in women today.

In the larger context, this also implies that though a large number of women are observed to be more than conscious about their general health, this particular area is proving to be a danger zone for a rising number of teenagers as well as women falling in the age group of 30s and 40s.

HIV - The Most Common Disease in Women
Among the three areas noted in the preceding paragraph, namely that of rising sexual practices and demands of women for more sex, the cultural and social norms play a big role.
One may observe that the male members of the society too, are somewhat responsible for this rising trends in sexual diseases in women.
For one thing, men seek sex outside their homes and with multiple partners, which in turn means that the potential for acquiring sexually transmitted diseases and infections including HIV is on the rise in women.
In this context, a survey carried by the United Nations Aids in December 2002 reported that more than 50 percent of HIV infections were found in women between the ages of 15 and 49.

Making Women Aware Of Sexual Diseases
To address the health issues of women, with particular respect to the rising trend of sexually transmitted disease, there are various programs pursued by doctors, community health advisors and elders of the family for teenagers and young women.

These initiatives include HIV/STD transmission, prevention and treatment programs.
Awareness and information programs on sexual health including ethnic issues.
The use of contraceptives and counseling against the rising trends of teenage pregnancy.
They can certainly play a positive role in the rising number of patients suffering from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Various academic and social programs on the awareness on sexually transmitted infections and diseases are all indeed positive measures, which can bring about significant reduction in the spread of such dreadful infections and diseases.

In turn, this will allow the community to raise and maintain the number of healthy women in any given society.

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