What is going on..? - 666health.com/Diseases-Conditions

What is going on..? - 666health.com/Diseases-Conditions

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My boyfirend had a nouns attack or i think he did.. thats what the doctor contained by the emegency room said. He passed out after complaining about his heart hurting and he have a headache too..We thought he was fine but he have had coldsweats times past 2 nights since the attack and this mornign at midnight when he woke up he thought he pee''d himself but found out it be the 2nd coldsweat he had have. His arms felt funny and when he get up to go to the bathroom he feel dizzy. And this morning at around 7:45 or so he said it was getting harder to breath..He is going to see a doctor this morning sometime.. i dont know whats wrong beside him but i need to know so ican quit crying adjectives the time from worrying... Anyone who is a doctor or has have this happen to them know what it is? Thanks!

Answers: I started have panic attacks 8 years ago and they are horrible. I immediately have diagnosed panic/anxiety disorder which is diagnosed after a individual has a hysterics attack and was so terrorize by it they are in constant dismay of having another one, so that contained by fact cause more panic attacks.

It is totally difficult to breathe when you are having a madness attack, I have even have carpopedal spasms which causes my arms to lock up and cannot move them. Panic attacks can indubitably cause you to slip away out, feel funny, enjoy sweats, they can cause you to hyperventilate, which within turn causes the areas around your maw and hands to progress numb or start tingling. I seriously thought I was have a stroke or a heart attack. Living with hysterics disorder is terror, I sure hope this is not what is scheduled. I even got to the point when it get dark I unloved it and was alarmed to even be left alone, cannot recount you how many times I have to call my mom or a friend to ride somewhere next to me or come sit at home with me. Good Luck. And also, it is fundamentally treatable so don''t worry if this is what is occurring. The beginning stages of it will be grim, but if he gets on an antidepressent close to Zoloft or Lexapro which is also used to treat anxiety disorder plus gets some prn Xanax to lug when he feels an attack coming on, he will be Ok. The antidepressants pocket 4-6 weeks to really build up in your system and they really back.listen i hate to enunciate it but if you were that worried you wouldnt be writing and asking for direction on here, you would be straight down GP or hospital with him! sorry to nouns heartless but this is the concluding place i would consult if my boyfriend was below par or i was worried he might be. sounds resembling a panic attack or could be something else, best to acquire it checked out ASAP i would say! pious luck, hope he is ok!The medicine and condition information post by website user , 666health.com not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical guidance or treatment for any medical conditions.

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