Which Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Is Right For You?

Which Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Is Right For You?

Are you thinking of buying a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer and embracing juicing as a way of living preference? If that is so then you should be congratulated on your call. Juicing is not a diet choice that everybody eagerly goes for, but it definitely is the best way of naturally extracting the nutrient elements that we need from the fruit and vegetables that we eat. The Power Juicer that Jack LaLanne advocates is said to be one of the very finest in the marketplace when talking of juicing capacity.

However,inasmuch as you have just made a decision to purchase a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, you could be asking yourself this question: Which juicer model is the right one for me? The LaLanne Juicer has a large number of models 5 currently on hand at its official site. Each model is unique, but they’re all made with the same extraction technology that makes the Power Juicer a fantastic juicing manufacturing.

Each Power Juicer Is Unique

As mentioned above, what makes the Power Juicer a very remarkable juicing machine is the proven fact that it is created with a special extraction technology. It is claimed that through this technology the Power Juicer can extract 30%more juice from fruit and veg. This level of potency is made practicable by the juicer’s high performance motor and surgical-quality blades.

All the same, each Power Juicer model is definitely unique. Knowing the difference between these models can help you choose which one is for you. Here are the main differences that set each model apart.

1. Size. The Classic, Deluxe and Pro models are all of the same size 16 ” x 12 ” x 15.5″. The Elite is barely larger at 16.5 ” x 13 ” x 16″. From another standpoint, the Express model is intended to be a compact 14.5 ” x 12 ” x 16″.

2. Non-drip spout. All models of the Power Juicer apart from the Classic have a non-drip spout, which makes juicing a load less messy for you.

3. Finish. All the Power Juicer models are finished with stainless steel. However, there is a special-edition Power Juicer model called Platinum which, as its name suggests, is finished with platinum.

4. Special features. The Power Juicer Pro has a special stainless steel mesh that filters pulp more finely than the other models. The Elite model features soy technology, which lets you extract milk from soybeans and shredded coconut. All Power Juice models can also extract juice from wheatgrass, a capability that its nearest competitors, including the Champ line of juicers, do not have.

So,which Jack LaLanne Power Juicer is the most suitable one for you? Each model has its own attributes which make it special. You should choose the juicer that suits your needs the most.



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