Preacher Curls to Strengthen Your Arms    Health, Wellness, and Fitness for a LIfetime!

Preacher Curls to Strengthen Your Arms Health, Wellness, and Fitness for a LIfetime!

Health, Wellness, and Fitness for a LIfetime!

Preacher Curls to Strengthen Your Arms

Okay, you have learnt about the ?Alternating Hammer Curls?, now let?s get started on the one arm dumbbell preacher curls. Yes, the words ?Preacher Curls? sound sort of ridiculous, but if you want to get that nice peak in your arms, then you should get your dumbbell and get each arm ready for the single arm dumbbell preacher curls.

The Preacher Curls happens to be the best isolating exercises, doing this exercise will help you isolate bicep muscles and makes sure that you pack weight on and achieve a really fast muscle growth in the most popular muscle group; and that is, the biceps.

What You Need to Do The One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls

You will require a preacher curl bench which you can find in most gyms. If you do not have the time to go to the gym as often as you would like, you can invest in one for your home?s fitness room. You will also need a dumbbell.

How to Do the One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls

Adjust the height of the preacher bench so that it is at a really comfortable level for you. If you have the bench too low, this will not give you adequate room to reach over and carryout the exercise. Adjust the height of the bench in such a way that you will be sitting comfortably with the back of your arm on the padded area which is right in front of you.

Take a dumbbell that you can successfully handle for 8 repetitions (at least). Use a lightweight dumbbell because this exercise is not so easy to perform ? just get used to the movement first before you switch to heavier dumbbells.

Position your arm (the one holding the dumbbell) stretched out and placed on the bench?s pad. Rest the other arm on top of the pad ? doing this will help stabilize your body during the process of carrying out the exercise.

Make sure you straighten your upper body and back and position your feet in a position that will lend you more stability.

Start the exercise by curling your arm upward till it?s a little bit above horizontal. The biceps should be the only muscles working with support from the forearm muscles. Ensure that your elbow does not slide or move and make sure you do not twist or tilt your upper body.

As soon as you have reached the top position, make sure that you hold for a second or two before you lower down the dumbbell to the starting position.

For really big muscle growth, you will need to pack on more weight, but like it was mentioned earlier, start with lightweight dumbbells until you have complete control over the dumbbell.

You will of course work both arms in order to avoid one arm growing way bigger than the other. If you want to see quick results, you should make sure that you include the one arm dumbbell preacher curls in your regular exercise routine.

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