Paediatric Dental Practice: 5 Ways to Market

Paediatric Dental Practice: 5 Ways to Market

Going into ventures involving child health can be a lucrative move. This is due to the fact that kids need specialised care and that they need it quite frequently as their bodies are continually changing at a constant pace until they reach adulthood. Parents are orientated to put more importance to the youngsters’ well-being over their own due to their youth and vulnerability. Thus, a business that mainly caters to individuals aged eighteen and below is indeed a worthwhile one.

If you happen to be a paediatric dentist and want to establish an enterprise related to your profession or desire increased patronage to your clinic, here are a few marketing hints that you can use to get the commercial results you want:

  • Tour schools nearest your establishment

You can talk briefly during PTA meetings or certain school events that promote healthcare. You can also arrange to have a little field trip to your office and show them your facilities and how your daily routine goes. Give out a flyer that has a smiling cartoon figure that they can colour. You can demonstrate proper brushing techniques using bright and eye-catching props.

  • Promote your services in community bulletins and newspapers

Advertise your practice at places where families converge or on local publications that have the highest subscriptions for more visibility. Use witty lines and phrases that your target consumers can relate to. Remember that you will be speaking mainly to the parents or guardians of your prospective clients, so word your messages appropriately.

  • Set up a loyalty reward system

You can, for example, give out little sampler baggies that contain other items used in caring for teeth, like a fun brush, sparkly toothpaste and coloured flosses to first-time visitors. You can also provide discounts, coupons or reduced rates when they get a particular service in combination with another one. Doing this will help keep your patrons coming and even increase them as the current ones may spread the word themselves as a result of their satisfaction.

  • Sponsor a local team

You can give free prophylaxis to the members of the youth football group or to the cheerleaders of a school and have the name of your clinic included in their streamers, banners or uniforms. It is one way of enhancing your professional image as well.

  • Conduct seminars

This mainly is for the parents, which are the ones paying for your services although their children are the main recipients. You can talk about preventing common dental issues in children and what needs to be done to maintain and improve their oral health. This can encourage them to trust you and prefer you over other practitioners.

Make sure that you personalise and call your clients by their first names. Always ensure that the quality of your assistance is consistent, and you will be sure to have a profitable business for years to come.