Protein Shakes  Weight Loss Program

Protein Shakes Weight Loss Program

Why Your Weight Lose Program is Failing

Usually, weight loss programs fail for similar reasons. It usually starts like this. An individual wants to lose weight for a specific reason. For example, a wedding is coming up, and the bride wants to look good during the wedding. So to get results fast, she goes on a starvation diet.

A starvation diet here means skipping meals or consuming just a tiny amount of food for each meal. The body goes hungry throughout the day due to the minimal consumption of food. In the short term, this seems to work very well. The weight loss starts to happen.

But the bride doesn’t know that she is losing her health as well. How does that happen?

You see, when the bride to be goes on a starvation diet, she is losing muscle mass and fat at the same time. Without a constant source of energy (due to the meals skipping), the body has to tap into existing sources of energy to continue functioning. But most people don’t know that the body is also responding to these new eating habits.

As it is not receiving adequate nutrition, the body starts to store fat whenever possible. In other words, the metabolism drops. When that happens, the bride needs only to eat a little to gain weight. The body stores the food as fat because it doesn’t know if it’s going to have enough to eat the next day!

So the wedding comes, and the bride is happy because she gets to look slim during her big day. But as soon as the event is over, she reverts back to her normal diet. And guess what happens? She puts back all the weight that she had lost, plus a few more extra pounds! That’s not surprise. After all, she did get her metabolic rate to nose dive during the last few weeks.

Hopefully, the bride learns an important lesson here. When it comes to losing weight, it’s all about how much fat you burn. And how much fat you burn depends on your metabolism. You want your metabolism to be high so that your body will continue burning calories throughout the day.

Going on a starvation diet is always a poor short term strategy. The weight loss program is never going to work for the long term. In the long run, you want your metabolic rate to be high so that you can enjoy your daily meals, and yet feel strong and look great.

Having fitness affects all areas of your life. You will have more energy for work, for friends, and for your family. Remember that there is no short cut to losing weight. You have to increase your metabolism or your program is going to fail. Workout regularly, eat well, and start leading a healthier life.

Learn more about protein shakes and how a protein shake a day can benefit your health.

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How to Eat More and Lose Weight at the Same Time

Is it even possible to lose weight when you are eating more? Sounds too good to be true. But fitness enthusiasts are secretly smiling. They know something that others don’t. It is, in fact, true that you can eat more than you normally do, and still lose weight at the same time. How does that work?

The secret lies in knowing what to eat. I’m sure you would have heard of the many so-called “healthy” diets that TV programs promote. Those are full of salads and other low calorie meals. But consuming low calorie meals is just one part of the equation.

If you want to lose weight for the long term, you must master both sides of the equation. On the one hand, you have your diet plan to think about. And on the other hand, you have your exercise program to think about.

The two must go hand in hand. Otherwise, your weight loss program is destined for failure. Let’s take a look at why you need both for your program to be successful.

If you only have a diet plan, and you don’t work out, you are not growing any stronger. In other words, there is no chance of your metabolism improving. That means the only way to lose weight is to lower your calorie count. But there is a limit as to how much calories you can avoid consuming per day.

Don’t view calories as the ultimate enemy. It is not. In fact, you need between 1500 to 2000 calories each day in order to stay healthy. With all that calories, how does one lose weight then?

Here comes the other part of the equation - your exercise program. In order to boost your metabolism, you have no choice but to gain lean muscle mass. And there is only one way to do so - by engaging in resistance training.

Resistance training here means that you are using your muscles to push against an opposing force. It can be dumb bells, resistance strings / springs, or it can be your own weight. As long as you are using your muscles to push against an opposing force, your muscles will respond and grow accordingly.

When you are engaged in work outs, you have to choice but to eat well. Feed yourself with lots of proteins (about 1g of protein for every 1 pound of weight) so that you have enough for muscle growth and repair. As your muscles grow, your metabolic rate will become faster.

After about 4 weeks, you will start to notice changes to your body. Not only will you feel better, you will also look better. With an increased metabolic rate, your body now burns fat at a faster rate.

That’s the main reason why you can eat more and yet lose weight at the same time! Your body just burns off the fat, even while you are not exercising.

Learn more about protein shakes and how a protein shake a day can benefit your health.

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Looking to boost your metabolism? Even if you are living in cave, you would have heard of a high protein diet. Surround yourself with health enthusiasts and observe them consuming high protein meals.

How does protein help in your quest to lose weight and regain health?

Your muscles will need an adequate amount of protein to grow. The primary goal of any workout is to increase lean muscle mass. The more lean muscles, the higher the metabolism. We start to feel more energized as we continue to workout. A higher metabolic rate means the body is better at converting food and oxygen into energy. Listlessness is gone forever from your daily activities.

Muscles don’t grow during a workout. We are actually sending “instructions” to our muscles that we will be placing stress and demand on them. Due to the workouts, our muscles start to grow. But bear in mind that the muscles grow only after a workout is complete.

Ever experienced soreness the next day after your workout? That is a sure sign that your muscles are responding. Now in order to continue with an intense workout, you need to be able to grow and repair quickly. Don’t force a workout if your muscles are still hurting. If you really wish to workout, try to exercise another part of the body. Sore muscles undergoing extreme stress will be easily injured.

The faster you recover, the better you are able to cope with your exercise program. The fitter you become, the faster you recover. That is a fact.

On a daily basis, not everyone consumes the amount of protein that their body needs. Everyday, we take in proteins from our daily meals. In general, most people you come across don’t track the amount of protein that they take in. As a general rule of thumb, you should consume one gram of protein for every pound that you weight. For instance, if you weight 120 pounds, then you should eat 120g of proteins daily.

Professionals always take smaller meals each day to condition their body. This is another way of improving your metabolic rate. A body that is used to starvation will start to store fat. The reason is simple - the body stores fat as an alternative energy source as it doesn’t know when it’s getting it’s next meal!

You don’t grow fatter eating more meals. You grow slimmer because your metabolism increases! That means you will be eating a small meal every 3 hours or so. Divide the protein you need by the number of meals you will take each day and you will get an idea of how much you should eat.

In the midst of your daily activities, you can always sneak in one or two shakes to supplement your protein needs. This will ensure your protein intake never fall below what you really need. Don’t skip a meal just because you don’t have the time. Find the time.

Protein shakes are one of the easiest supplement to prepare. Just mix the powder with water or milk and you are good to go. It’s easy to get addicted to the taste that you love!

Learn more about protein shakes and how a protein shake a day can benefit your health.

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As a fitness enthusiast, protein is perhaps the most important nutrient of all. But first, let’s get your foundations right.

Whatever nutrients that you consume, needs to be properly absorbed into your body. That means you should have a healthy body to start with. If you are having some health problems, and your immune system is weak, then you need to strengthen your foundation.

Start by taking lots of rest and drinking lots of water. Take multivitamins on top of your daily diet to ensure that you get the daily amount of vitamins that your body needs. Soon, you will start to feel healthier and more energetic, even without working out.

When you feel well enough, you may wish to start your exercise program. Working out is important because it can increase your metabolic rate. When it comes to losing weight and improving health, metabolism is everything. You need to do whatever you can to boost your metabolism.

Your metabolism helps to convert oxygen and food into energy. In other words, if you have a high metabolism, your body is more efficient at energy conversion. That’s why you won’t feel tired easily. In addition, a higher metabolic rate helps to burn more fat, even while you are at rest. Imagine burning away all those stubborn calories even while you are working at your computer. That’s a nice thing to happen!

Soon, you will find yourself having a much toner body due to your efforts. But working out is never enough. You mustn’t forget to eat well and feed your muscles.

To super charge your metabolism, you need to build lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle you have in your body, the higher your metabolism. Therefore, your primary goal is to build as much lean muscle as you possibly can. How? By working out regularly and eating well.

After each workout, if it’s intense enough, you find that your muscles become sore and tense. That’s your muscle responding to the stress that you are putting on them. It’s a good sign though. The muscles will then respond accordingly and grow to meet the demand that you are placing on them.

But in order for your muscles to repair and grow, you must give it the nutrients that it needs - protein!

Protein is already available in your daily diet. But most people don’t make a conscious effort to notice what they eat. In reality, you don’t even have to count the calories if you burn more than what you consume. But you should at least have some ability to “eyeball” the meals you are taking and make a good guess of the amount of protein you are consuming, and the amount of calories you are taking in.

If you find that the meals do not have enough protein, you can always take protein supplements such as protein shakes or whey protein shakes to help increase the amount of protein intake.

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